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Welcome to Snowy Peaks!

Welcome to Snowy Peaks Junior High and High School!

Welcome to the Snowy Peaks Learning Community!  This school year promises to be a great year.  We are extremely proud of our successes in helping students thrive and providing Snowy Peaks JH/HS students with the tools they need to be successful and effective citizens in the 21st Century.


The SP staff promises unwavering devotion to the success of our students, especially in the following areas:


  • We will teach the whole child, focusing on Academics, Character, Community, and Nature.
  • We will create a relationship-based environment, where every student feels supported.
  • We will give every student an individualized education and do whatever it takes to see every child thrive.
  • We will have a relentless focus on learning.  As educators, we will embrace a growth mindset.
  • We will prepare all students for Post-Secondary success and help them pursue education after high school. 


Academics:  At Snowy Peaks, each student will display proficiency in high school academic standards.  We achieve this goal focusing on individualized instruction, providing experiential and project-based learning opportunities, developing strong mentorship and relationships with our students, and dedicating ourselves to a growth mindset in education.  At Snowy Peaks, our passionate staff creates an individualized plan for every student, and we pride ourselves on working tirelessly to meet every student’s needs.


Character Education:  Character education is embedded in all that we do.  Students and staff create a culture of dignity, integrity, and respect, and we will demonstrate these values both in our school and in our community.  Student safety and well-being is of primary importance at Snowy Peaks, and as a result of the daily focus on character education, the school community has frequently been described as a family.  In a school of this size, staff and students will attest that bullying is non-existent, and respectful behavior is the norm.  A focus on a proactive and positive behavior system is at the heart of the school’s culture because we know that who we are is equally as important as what we know and can do. 


Community Service Learning:  Albert Einstein once shared, “The aim [of education] must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who, however, see in the service to the community their highest life problem.”  We aim to foster a healthy balance between a young person’s individual aspirations and her or his responsibility as a positive and productive citizen.  Community Service Learning extends beyond the classroom walls and allows students develop their sense of social responsibility, improving the skills that will enable them to make effective contributions to the world in which we live.


Nature:  At Snowy Peaks, students are encouraged to foster a connection with nature through experiential and expeditionary learning.  Students will understand their impact in the world and learn to incorporate principles of sustainability into their lives.  We believe that direct experience in nature and the outdoors helps students develop a sense of place, fosters creativity, and promotes social and emotional well-being. 


We look forward to facilitating student success throughout the coming year.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


Have a great year! 


James Smith

Principal & English Teacher

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