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The Student Experience

1.  Individual Goal-Setting and Personal Learning Plans

Students determine daily objectives and goals in each content area and progress -monitor their academic growth regularly.  Each student will receive a Personalized Learning Plan that will meet their individual needs.

2. Individual Mastery

All students are expected to master content, and in the school’s new blended learning format, teachers can support students in this goal.  The student’s instruction within a class should be individualized, not collective.  

3.  Access to Actionable Data and Rapid Feedback

Students receive formative feedback, regular progress reports, face-to-face feedback, and data-driven assistance every day.

4.  Students will collaborate to build interpersonal and problem-solving skills

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) focused project-based learning will deepen student understanding.

5.  Sustained Periods away from Technology

Collaboration, expeditionary learning, outdoor education, and physical activity will encourage engagement away from technology.

6.  Meaningful Expeditionary and Work Experiences

Expeditionary Learning:  Learning best takes place when students gain firsthand experience by embedding themselves in “the field.”  Focuses will include STEAM, 21st Century Skills, Career and Technical Skills, Internship and Job Shadow Opportunities.

7.  Mentoring Experiences

Advisory opportunities and student mentorship will be a focus.  Weekly one-on-one meetings for progress monitoring will occur each Friday.  Mandatory grouped advisory meetings will occur on Friday afternoons.

8.  Positive Group Experiences

Strengthen a sense of culture and community through group enrichment opportunities (project-based learning, service learning, nature activities, expeditionary learning experiences, full-school celebrations, and extracurricular opportunities)

9.  Service Learning

By developing students’ sense of social responsibility, they will gain skills that will enable them to make effective contributions to the world in which we live.

10.  Connection to Nature

Direct experience in nature helps students understand their impact on the world, develop a sense of place, fosters creativity, and promotes social and emotional well-being.

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