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About SP

snowy peaks building front

Snowy Peaks Junior and Senior High School is Summit School District's small school option focused on transformational education. 

We pride ourselves on creating a student-centered learning community that provides an individualized experience for all students. Snowy Peaks teachers have a relentless focus on learning, while developing strong bonds with all students.

We are extremely proud to be formally known as the Transformational Education School, focusing on the transformation of students and staff into their best selves. Through relationship-based education, we create a caring community that cultivates character, motivation, and integrity in both students and staff.

“Be a Yeti! Be Legendary!”We are a non-traditional, relationship-based school that takes pride in creating a student-centered learning community that provides an individualized experience for all students, where all students elect to attend based upon the unique programming, focus on relationships, and use the blended learning model for curriculum delivery and enrichment.

Snowy Peaks’ graduate, Natalie Roldan Mercado, put it best when she said, "I am so happy that I decided to go to Snowy Peaks. This school has changed my life, and I will forever be grateful. This is not a school; this is a family."


In order to provide students with the tools they need to be successful and effective citizens in the 21st Century, the Snowy Peaks staff promises unwavering devotion to the success of our students, especially in the following areas:
● We will teach the whole child, focusing on Academics, Character, Community, and Nature.
● We will create a relationship-based environment, where every student feels supported.
● We will give every student an individualized education and do whatever it takes to see every child thrive.
● We will have a relentless focus on learning. As educators, we will embrace a growth mindset.
● We will prepare all students for post-secondary success and help them pursue education after high school.

To best accomplish these goals, Snowy Peaks uses a Blended Learning instructional model, focusing on a personalized educational experience, individual support, project-based learning, and building 21st Century skills.